MQCS Mission

“Finest Care for Those You Love and Peace of Mind For You.”

With the approach of old age, or if illness strikes, the immediate question becomes: “Can I stay in my own home or must I move into a clinic or some kind of sheltered housing?”

For most people, the preference would always be for the first option, but in order to make that a viable possibility some help is required. Mediterranean Quality Care Services are here, helping to care for those you love. Whether you need an extra pair of hands or a qualified nurse Рwe have the flexibility to meet your requirements wherever and whenever you need extra help.

MQCS is a very flexible organisation, dedicated first and foremost to caring for infirm, elderly or convalescent patients in their own homes. The care provided ranges from round-the-clock attendance by fully qualified nursing staff, to “pop-in” visits for those who can manage reasonably well but like to feel the reassurance of someone to keep an eye on them.

An extra pair of hands is often welcomed by the elderly and MQCS does not restrict its services to nursing. We can provide carers to help at bath time, to take the patient out for a drive, to do the shopping or walk the dog. Whatever the requirements, the MQCS services can provide a tailor made package.

Those cared for are not just the elderly. MQCS helps out in cases of illness and convalescence for any age and they’re often called in to provide an extra pair of hands to cope after a new arrival in the family.

We are available around the clock to help support and care for you. Call us at any time for help and advice.

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