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Health Benefits of Being Single   Recently updated !

We have just had Valentine’s Day and for single people it can make you feel as if the whole world is having fun and benefiting from being in a relationship. In addition heath studies have linked numerous health benefits with starting new relationships, living together, getting married, and having kids, […]

Single Life in Mallorca

Healthy Holiday in Mallorca

Have a Healthy Holiday

With the holiday season upon us and summer holidays offering a much needed break from daily life, many forsake their nutrition during this time. To counteract the fruity drinks served poolside and the carbs at barbecues, nutritionists reveal the ways to have a memorable vacation but in a healthy way. […]

Healthy Goals in Mallorca

2016 Health Goals

Happy new year to all. It’s that time of the year when we have overindulged during the holidays, reflected on all our achievements and mistakes during the year before and plan to make a good fresh start on January 1st. Well, its January 2nd now – so how are we […]