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Use it or you´ll loose it! Best advise to keep fit and keep moving.

Health Benefits of Being Single   Recently updated !

We have just had Valentine’s Day and for single people it can make you feel as if the whole world is having fun and benefiting from being in a relationship. In addition heath studies have linked numerous health benefits with starting new relationships, living together, getting married, and having kids, […]

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IBS Advice in Mallorca

Take Control of Your IBS this Summer

  With BBQ’s, ice-cream, burgers and fries throwing your usual routine out of the window, summer and going on holiday can be something that IBS suffers learn to dread. The good news is that IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) needn’t ruin your summer. in conjunction with a promotion by IMODIUM® from Johnson […]

Get Fit in February

The brilliant thing about having January behind you is that by now you have probably come to terms with the fact you broke all of your new years resolutions by the 2nd and are ready to set some realistic expectations about getting healthier. One of the reasons we statistically don’t keep our […]

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