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Study: Breastfeeding Mothers and Exercise

A new study appears to debunk the notion that new mothers who engage in exercise may change the composition of their breast milk in ways that could hinder their babies. Researchers pulled together the few clinical trials that have measured growth among breastfed babies whose mothers exercise, and found no evidence that the exercise slowed […]

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Exercise May Ward off Dementia

Study: Exercise a Defence Against Dementia

Here’s another reason to get into shape: Physical activity may reduce the risk of dementia-related death, according to a new study. Researchers assessed the health of more than 45,000 men and nearly 15,000 women, ages 20 to 88 years, in the United States and grouped them into one of three fitness categories – low, middle […]

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Work Out During Commercials 2

Is your motivation for keeping your new years resolution to get fit waining? Here is some great advice for easy exercises to fit into your down time.   Celeb fitness trainer Kit Rich has worked with Sting, Carly Smithson, and Taylor Dayne, on her advice, here´s how to squeeze in a full workout during our favorite […]