Sitting Down Can Age You

We are becoming more and more aware of the impact of our ever increasingly sedentary lifestyle. We know that lack of activity and spending all day locked at a computer desk can lead to obesity and we have all felt the aches and pains after a long spell in an uncomfortable position. But new research described in a great article in The Telegraph online shows that this type of lifestyle can also be aging us and worryingly regular exercise a few times a week won’t necessarily help.

Elderly people who spend most of their time sitting down age significantly quicker than more active contemporaries, according to new research. A study of 1,500 pensioners found those who kept to a sedentary position for ten hours or more a day and who did less than 40 minutes moderate physical activity had the bodies of people eight years older.

Experts have said the research represents a “wake-up call” for Britain’s growing elderly population and that pensioners should aim to stand up and walk around every 20 minutes if they can.

“People don’t realise that if you sit down all day it can undermine all the exercise you do,” said Professor James Goodwin, head of research at Age UK.

Current Government advice recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week for older people, however this latest research suggests the benefits from that amount of activity can be easily undone by a sedentary lifestyle.

So the advice is clear, if you do have a lifestyle that dictates you take a seat do your best to get up and move every 20 minutes and enjoy better health and a slowing ageing process as a consequence.

This article was taken in part from The Telegraph

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