Crazy Celebrity Health Habits

If you have ever wanted a body like Demi More or sparkly eyes like Sandra Bullock – read on…

  • Jennifer Lopez

Grapefruit may taste delicious, but just smelling it helps to keep J.Lo satisfied. According to The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, the singer keeps a vial of grapefruit oil with her at all times, and she sniffs it through the day to suppress her appetite.

  • Gwen Stefani

Gwen is known for her hot abs, but how did she get her tummy so taut? Hitting up We Care Spa for cleansings didn’t hurt! At this desert hot springs oasis, stars “indulge” in an all-liquid diet and can have colonic irrigations. Other celebs spotted at the spa include Matt Damon and Liv Tyler.

  • Demi Moore

Usually celebs complain about leeches latching onto them. Not Demi! She revealed on “Late Show With David Letterman” that she used the slug-like bloodsuckers in a cleanse treatment in Austria. “It detoxifies your blood,” she told Letterman. “And they have a little enzyme that, when they’re biting down on you, gets released into your blood, and generally you bleed for quite a bit. And your health is optimized. It detoxified the blood, and I’m feeling detoxified right now.” Yeah, we’ll pass

  • Reese Witherspoon

Although Reese is often seen hitting the pavement, it’s not just running that keeps her in tip-top shape. The actress is said to snack on baby food when she’s not eating her one designated adult meal a day.

  • Victoria Beckham

Victoria grew up with acne, and now she goes to some pretty extreme lengths to keep her skin clear and beautiful. Just how far? She uses a face cream made from nightingale poop, which is said to be a miracle cure! – this one can´t be true … surely!

  • Halle Berry

Want a booty like Halle’s? Just head over to your local Starbucks! The actress is said to mix coffee grinds into her body wash to rid her thighs of cellulite and keep her backside firm.

  • Sandra Bullock

It may sound gross, but it’s a pretty common trick to use hemorrhoid cream as a way to ward off or reduce fine lines and to prevent dark circles and eye puffiness. And Sandy is supposedly a proponent of the practice. Think she learned it while filming “Miss Congeniality”?

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