“Healthy” Tan?

Health advice and glamour rarely go hand in hand. However, the Hollywood glitterati seem to be helping in the crusade against baking our poor skins in the scorching hot  sun. With the likes of Nicole Kidman preferring to stay “pale and mysterious” the trend for tanning seems to be waining.

On top of that the increase in quality of the previous smelly, sticky concoctions that was the self tanning lotions of the past, have helped us to maintain what can only be described as the only true healthy tan – a fake one. Improvements to the products have given us the opportunity to get golden brown in varying shades so we feel sunny and not like a cast member from “The Only Way is Essex”.

Skin Care Advice in Mallorca

Pale and fabulous

However, don´t take your eye off the ball this summer and don´t forgo a stylish look on the beach in order to protect your skin. To keep your skin protected presents itself with a shopping opportunity, you need:

1. A full-brim hat, meaning the brim must be at least 3 inches. It needs to cover the top of your head too. (Skin cancers can develop on the scalp.)

2. UV protective sun glasses

3. A great collection of sunscreen. Pick your products for your skin type, their function, and your personal product preferences. You need to buy new sunscreen every year because it expires and you don’t know how you abused last years product. (Did you let it cook in a hot car?) You need water-resistant if your wet or sweaty, non-migrating if stinging in your eyes is an issue, oil-free if your acne prone, good under makeup or the right skin feel for everyday use, protection for your lips, etc.

Living in Mallorca remember that it is just as important to wear sunscreen for everyday – shopping, driving, any number of normal activities can leave you prone to sunburn so put it on as part of your morning routine and keep a small tube for top ups during the day in your bag.

And if that makes you feel like you are just a kaftan away from looking like Joan Collins then remember, you’ve got a whole lot of living to do and when you are a senior citizen and everyone is telling you how fantastic you look, you´ll be glad you looked after your skin now.


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