‘Care for elderly at home, not hospital’

At Mediterranean Quality Care Sevices we like to keep up to date with all the new news about health in different countries, not just Spain. This enables us to understand our clients different cultures, perspective and individual concerns as well as educating us and informing us on new advances in health.

While reading the Health section of the Telegraph we were interested in a UK minister advising Britain of something we had realised a long time ago. The health minister warns that hundreds of thousands of elderly people are losing their “dignity” because they are being unnecessarily admitted to hospital.

In an article for The Daily Telegraph: Click here for website, Dr Dan Poulter says that up to a third of elderly hospital patients should be cared for at home.

He says that unnecessary hospital admissions are caused because frail, elderly people, often with long-term conditions, are not treated or cared for in the community for financial reasons. Their conditions deteriorate and emergency hospital care becomes necessary.

“How we better deliver care to people with long term illnesses and disabilities is the big challenge facing our NHS, and there is growing evidence that up to a third of older patients currently in our hospitals do not need to be there.”

If you are battling with a decision for yourself or a loved one and you would like us to visit and offer a free consultation to assess the needs of a patient, please just get in touch. We have a variety of different services and care packages to fit within individual budgets that offer great support for individuals who want to be cared for at home.

There may come a time when full time hospital care is needed, but if it is not needed, not wanted and could easily be avoided, why not find out how being cared for at home really works and see if it is the best solution for you?


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