Back Pain?

About 80% of people experience back pain at some point. But there are smart steps you can take to avoid it, such as doing specific moves that help prevent back aches or strengthening your core in general which helps support your back.

Also a good idea? Take a look at these four common causes of back pain taken from , and try to figure out if you’re increasing your odds for injury.

1. Heavy Load

If you constantly carry a heavy bag this can really aggravate back pain. Try wearing a cross-body bag or carrying a handbag on one shoulder and a tote on the other to balance yourself out.

2. Smoking

According to a 2010 Finnish review, smokers are one third more likely to suffer back pain giving you another reason to stop. Doctors are not sure why this is but one theory is that smoking reduces blood supply to the spine.

3. Sitting all day

Do you work at a desk and then come home and flop on the sofa? This could actually put more pressure on your spine than standing. Improve the situation by getting a standing desk or get a lumbar support pillow and try getting up every 30 minutes.

4. Wrong shoes

High heels arch your back and flats may not offer enough support. While both are fine to wear for an hour or two buy shoes with a one each heel for walking.

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