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Quick Fixes to Prevent the Diseases You Fear Most

We are big fans of Oprah Winfrey´s favourite doctor and now Dr. Oz shows us that it has never been easier to take steps to prevent the diseases people fear the most. These simple, revolutionary steps serve as quick fixes to arm your body against the diseases you fear most: diabetes, cancer, heart attack and […]

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Why Do Blood Vessels Burst in Eyes?

A burst blood vessel іn thе eyes іѕ a relatively common problem thаt саn hаνе many sources. Sοmе people experience pain whеn thіѕ occurs; bυt, thіѕ ailment іѕ οftеn painless аnԁ noticeable οnƖу due tο a red οr ԁаrk patch іn thе white οf thе eye. Although popped blood vessels іn thе eye happen frequently, […]

Chronic Illness 3

At any one time in the UK, as many as 17.5 million adults may be living with a chronic disease. There are thousands of chronic conditions which affect people from mid-life onwards, including: Heart disease High blood pressure Arthritis Diabetes Depression Asthma Irritable bowel syndrome Although many of these diseases can be serious or even […]

Chronic Illness