Feeling Sluggish? 5 Ways to Get Your Energy Up in 5 Minutes or Less 1

No matter how hard we try, we all feel a bit less peppy from time to time. But your cure is just a few moments away! By Kate Schweitzer

1. Listen to Music

It’s no surprise why our brain’s pleasure centers light up when we hear music. (The same brain structures that are active during euphoria-inducing stimuli like sex and drugs are clicked on with a good Glee mash-up, too!) So, plug those headphones in and work along to your favorite jam.

2. Flirt

It’s fun, it’s harmless (or, at least, it should be), and it’s effective. Nothing gets the heart pumping and the brain working like a little flirtin’ action, just don’t do anything stupid. Keep it to conversation — thinking on your feet, cracking jokes, and intellectual banter will energize you plenty.

3. Drink Tea

Better than coffee, tea is the beverage of choice for an energy boost. (Notice we didn’t say to get a six-pack of crash-inducing 5-Hour Energy drinks). Studies have shown that drinking a cup of black tea four to six times a day reduces stress hormone levels in your body.

4. Take a Cold Shower

Katharine Hepburn swore by cold showers, and she had an epic energy level. If you can’t commit to an all-together cold one, take your usual shower but turn off the hot water completely for the last two minutes to invigorate you. If you still can’t handle it (come on, try it!), or if you want a mid-day alternative, splash some ultra-cold water on your face. We recommend keeping a spritz bottle in the fridge for moments such as these.

5. Step Outside

Sure, the last thing you probably want to do when you’re feeling a little blah is bundle up and go walk around aimlessly in the freezing cold. Well, do it anyway. Just a few minutes outside in the fresh, crisp air — and away from your desk — will work wonders on your energy and mood. Obviously, this trick works well on a warm, sunny day, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

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