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Worlds oldest yoga teacher

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher 1

For most elderly people getting down on the floor is a thing of the past, but not for 93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch who has been named Guinness World Records’ oldest yoga teacher. Ms Porchon-Lynch first became interested in yoga after seeing boys practicing on the beach when she was just eight years old and lived in […]

Living Together May Be Mentally Healthier Than Marriage: Study

Once the honeymoon’s over, wedded couples grow less happy and social, research claims Marriage offers few well-being advantages compared to living together, a new study contends. The study also found that the benefits of marriage diminish over time, while unmarried couples who live together experience greater happiness and self-esteem. Researchers examined data from 2,737 single […]

Healthy Relationships in Mallorca

Keep Warm This Winter in Mallorca

Keep Warm This Winter

I know it is only September and the weather is still a balmy 35 degrees but preparation and organisation is often the key to healthy living. Whether it is organising healthy meals for the week or schedualing in time to exercise a little bit of for thought and organisation goes a long way to helping […]

Health Secrets from Around the Globe

We have a very cosmopolitan lifestyle in Mallorca with numerous different nationalities living together. The Mediterranean lifestyle with it´s siestas, fresh food and relaxed way is well documented in creating a healthy way to live but what about other countries? From the Japanese to the Russians, the Greeks to the Kuna Indians of Panama, every […]