How to sleep when it’s unbearably hot

Summer days may be incredibly hot but at least you can revive yourself with a cooling dip in the sea – high temperature at night though is a completely different story. Feeling grumpy through lack of sleep in the summer is not unheard of so how do you manage to get a good night sleep when the temperature is high? You can rely on fans and air conditioning of course, but as anyone who has awoken in the morning stiff from sleeping in a self imposed draft will tell you, those noisy options are not always perfect either.

While searching for some top tips we discovered this great article on Here are their suggestions for  how you can fight the heat and get the best possible night’s sleep in a heatwave.
Take a cold water bottle to bed

The hot water bottle is a winter staple for upping temperatures in the colder months. For hot summer nights, try the reverse by filling a sports bottle with water, cooling it in the freezer and placing it between your sheets before bedtime to leave your bed feeling icy and fresh.

Freeze your pyjamas
Place your pyjamas in a bag, then pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool down just before bed time so they can be fresh and cold when you put them on before sleeping.

Have a cold shower

Cold showers might not be the most comfortable or enjoyable, but when it comes to battling heat at night, a quick blast of cold water in the shower can be one of the quickest ways to make your temperature drop.

Wear cotton

They mightn’t be your most glamorous or fashionable pyjamas, but ditch your satin or silk nightwear for some cotton instead, as the fabric makes it easier for skin to breathe, leaving you much cooler.

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