Delay Alzheimer’s by 5 years – Learn a New Language

A brilliant article published on gives us more reason to dust off our Learning Spanish books and CD’s. Being bilingual it seems can have, among other benefits, the ability to delay Alzheimer’s by up to 5 years. The study, from Ghent University in Belgium, found a link between being bilingual and […]

Health Benefits of Being Bilingual

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Dementia prevention: Is a natural method the best?

A really interesting article was published in We wouldn’t normally recreate an article word for word, but the author makes a very interesting argument for a natural approach to Alzheimer’s and we didn’t want to do an injustice to the article. They report that there have been three attempts since 2012 to create […]

Study Into Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk 3

A report published in the Jan. 23 online edition of the Archives of Neurology states that a steady diet of mental stimulation might reduce Alzheimer’s risk. The researchers report that a lifetime of reading, games lowered levels of brain plaques. People who engage in activities such as reading and playing games throughout […]

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