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Obesity: Future projections ‘underestimated’

A recent report featured on suggests that previous estimates that calculated half the UK population will be obese by 2050 actually “underestimate” the problem. The National Obesity Forum said Britain was in danger of surpassing the prediction contained in a 2007 report. The lobbying group is calling for hard-hitting […]

An Apple a Day

Women who eat dried apple every day for a year see a persistent decrease in their cholesterol levels, according to a new study. In comparison, women who ate prunes daily maintained steady levels over a year, suggesting that the fruit could keep cholesterol numbers from rising. “Both apples and dried plum […]

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Safe Alcohol Limits


With the holiday season just around the corner there is plenty of excuses to overindulge with alcohol and it is very easy to do. Without realising it someone who would consider themselves a moderate drinker can easily have too much alcohol too regularly and start to see their health suffering […]