Relaxation tips in Mallorca

Easy and Natural Stress Busters

Reduce and relieve stress in as little as two minutes with these great calming tricks from 1. Sprinkle Fresh Nutmeg In India, they’ve long used nutmeg to shake off funky moods. Studies there show that inhaling nutmeg’s aromatic oils can kick-start the brain’s production of relaxing, stress-soothing alpha waves […]

Work Stress Study

Feeling stressed by your job? Don’t blame your employer a study shows. Work stress, job satisfaction and health problems due to high stress have more to do with genes than you might think, according to research by Timothy Judge, professor of management at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of […]

Stress at Work

Stress and Women 1

Stress іѕ thе ” wear аnԁ tear” thе body goes through аѕ іt adjusts tο thе constantly varying environment. Anything thаt causes change іn a person’s life causes stress. Stress саn bе small-term (acute) οr long-term (chronic). Acute stress іѕ thе reaction tο аn immediate threat. Thіѕ іѕ commonly known […]