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Women Gain On Men In Alcohol Abuse

Carrie Bradshaw and her rounds of cosmopolitans, Bridget Jones with her glasses of chardonnay in sitcoms, rom-coms and comedy shows, female boozers are the stuff of jokes. They suffer through hangovers, complain about their bar bills, promise to cut back and then cheerfully renege. But many women find that their drinking doesn’t lead to laughter. […]

Alcohol Addiction Help in Mallorca


3 Common Causes of Heavy Periods 2

All of us, from time to time, experience what we feel is unusually heavy bleeding during our menstrual periods. Fortunately, most often what we think is abnormal uterine bleeding is not excessive enough to be diagnosed as menorrhagia. How do you know when bleeding during your period is abnormally heavy? The easiest way to know […]