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Disabled Holidays 1

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time, but if you are not abled bodied or you care for someone who needs round the clock care the logistic nightmare of organising a trip can just leave you feeling like it is all too much trouble. We at Mediterranean Quality Care Services work very closely with […]

Disabled Holiday in Mallorca

Repatriation from Mallorca with Mediterranean Quality Care Services

Repatriation From Mallorca 1

One service that we have been asked for many times in the past is assistance with repatriation. Often if a person falls in while holidaying in Mallorca or even has an accident and breaks a leg – the logistics of returning to your home country can be a little bit daunting. That is where we can help. […]

The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam

Taking a few minutes to do a breast self-exam a minimum of once a month can make a lifetime of difference. Nearly 70% of all breast cancers are found through self-exams and with early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%. If you find a lump, schedule an appointment with your doctor, but don’t panic—8 […]

Breast check


3 Common Causes of Heavy Periods 2

All of us, from time to time, experience what we feel is unusually heavy bleeding during our menstrual periods. Fortunately, most often what we think is abnormal uterine bleeding is not excessive enough to be diagnosed as menorrhagia. How do you know when bleeding during your period is abnormally heavy? The easiest way to know […]

Basic First Aid 1

In the time it takes to read this page, you could learn enough first aid to save a life. A blocked airway can kill someone in three to four minutes, but it can take more than eight minutes for an ambulance to arrive. So a simple procedure such as opening someone’s airway can save their […]


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15 Ways to Help You Get Pregnant

A planned pregnancy can be a fine balancing act between your hormones, time and in some cases – luck. We help tip the balance in your favour by providing some helpful tips on not just only improving the fertility of both you and your partner, but some important information on timing and making sure the […]

Coping with Parkinson’s Disease

With Parkinson’s, it’s important to keep yourself as physically and mentally active as possible. In this way, mind and body functions can be maintained to the greatest possible degree. Regular physiotherapy can help body functioning. For the mind, frequent, stimulating interaction with relatives and friends will be beneficial. Clubs and societies are a good place […]

Nursing Home Visit

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Call to Measure Duration of Obesity

Doctors need to start counting “obese years”, say experts. Experts say the health hazards of obesity may have been grossly underestimated because we are not measuring the condition adequately. Risk calculations have focused on severity of weight gain alone and not how long it persists. Latest research suggests every additional decade of being obese more […]

Pleurisy 2

Pleurisy іѕ inflammation οf thе thin lining around thе lungs. Whаt іѕ going οn іn thе body? A thin lining, known аѕ thе pleura, exists around thе lungs. It allows fοr smooth, comfortable movement between thе chest wall аnԁ thе lungs аѕ a person breathes. Thе pleura gets rough аnԁ stiff whеn іt becomes inflamed. […]




Malaria іѕ аn infection mаrkеԁ bу fever аnԁ shaking chills. Four different species οf thе Plasmodium parasite cause malaria. Whаt іѕ going οn іn thе body? Malaria occurs mainly іn thе tropical areas οf thе world, including Africa, Asia, аnԁ Central аnԁ South America. Humans bυу malaria through thе bite οf a mosquito. Thеrе аrе […]