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Basic First Aid 1

In the time it takes to read this page, you could learn enough first aid to save a life. A blocked airway can kill someone in three to four minutes, but it can take more than eight minutes for an ambulance to arrive. So a simple procedure such as opening someone’s airway can save their […]



Asthma 1

Asthma is a chronic disease in which sufferers have repeated attacks of difficulty in breathing and coughing. There seems to be an increase in the amount of asthma all over the world, especially in children. Asthmatics tend to be sensitive to various types of irritants in the atmosphere that can trigger this contraction response from […]

15 Ways to Help You Get Pregnant

A planned pregnancy can be a fine balancing act between your hormones, time and in some cases – luck. We help tip the balance in your favour by providing some helpful tips on not just only improving the fertility of both you and your partner, but some important information on timing and making sure the […]

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Nursing Home Visit

Coping with Parkinson’s Disease

With Parkinson’s, it’s important to keep yourself as physically and mentally active as possible. In this way, mind and body functions can be maintained to the greatest possible degree. Regular physiotherapy can help body functioning. For the mind, frequent, stimulating interaction with relatives and friends will be beneficial. Clubs and societies are a good place […]